• School of Software Engineering of USTC offers a nationally-recognized faculty that prides itself on the quality of its teaching. There are full-time and part-time faculty with a range and depth of expertise, which makes it possible to offer a stimulating selection of courses. There are 27 full-time faculty, of whom are 3 professors. There are 31 part-time teachers from other related departments of USTC and 13 of them are professors. SSE invites a carefully selected group of overseas teachers to visit and teach each year. Experts from a variety of renowned overseas and domestic IT enterprises are also invited to teach every year, who in combination with our full-time faculty, make it possible for students to pursue an in-depth study of software engineering.

    Overseas Faculty

    Full-time Faculty

    Part-time Faculty from USTC

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  • Zhu Shaoming
  • Zhou Yaoming
  • Xin Yao
  • Xu, Xuejun
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